Well were going to do the drawing on the 3rd for the I phone ; Good luck to all who joined

Albuquerque really needs your help Donate money to a reputable homeless shelter or organization. Your donation can be used to provide necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter to people in need. Donate your time. Many homeless shelters and organizations rely on volunteers to help with tasks such as preparing meals, answering phones, and providing companionship to people who are experiencing homelessness. Donate goods. Shelters and organizations often need donations of specific items, such as blankets, clothing, and hygiene products. You can check with a local shelter or organization to see what they currently need. Advocate for policies and programs that address homelessness. This might include supporting initiatives to provide affordable housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and job training for people who are experiencing homelessness. Educate yourself and others about homelessness. Understanding the root causes of homelessness and the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness can help you better advocate for change and support effective solutions.

It can be very disappointing and frustrating to have a large number of visitors to a website or event and not receive any donations or financial assistance for a homeless cause. It is important to remember that not everyone may be in a position to donate money or resources, and it is not uncommon for charitable efforts to have ups and downs in terms of support. It may be helpful to try to find other ways to raise funds and awareness for the homeless cause, such as through partnerships with local businesses or community organizations, or by hosting fundraising events. It is also important to continue to educate the community about the issue of homelessness and the need for support, as this can help to build support and understanding for the cause over time.

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