Hello, I'm pastor Dan our mission is here is we're going to try to raise funds to feed the homeless and of course, keep the church open. Im looking into  saveing some Pitts too a rescue as it were . Now any amount will do or just asking for donations, of course, they’re all tax deductible so please help us feed the homeless and help pastor Dan to keep the church open I have an Etsy store  Allso go to Pastor Dans color books on amazon.com  I'll leave a link down below. My churches are on YouTube every Sunday at 4:00 o'clock I have AA meetings every Wednesday at 6:00 o'clock we're hoping you all can attend . This is allso where we pass the didh for our AA meetings  please reach deep down in your heart and reach down in your pocket and help us if you want to know the progress or where your money is going just visit my you tube channel for  updates
Thank you Pastor Dans House . 

Please help any amount will be greatly appreciated just click the link below

Come join us for AA